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Invest in Romania, investing in Constanta! - 20/07/2015

The beautiful city of Constanta is the oldest town in Romania, it was founded around 600 B.C. and it`s placed on the Black Sea`s western coast. At the beginning, this ancient town was named Tomis and it was founded by the Greek colonists. Later on, Tomis city state was conquered by Romans and renamed Constantiana by the emperor Constantine the Great. In the 19th century, King Carol the First decided to revive the city as a harbour and resort, including the seaside with its 13 kilometers of golden beaches. Modern buildings and hotels were built here.

Today, the city of Constanta is an important economic and cultural hub. It represents the largest Romanian port and the fourth European maritime center. The historic sites, the ancient ruins, the museums and the nearby luxurious beach resorts make from this city a main tourism center on the Black Sea coast.

Tourist attractions

The city of Constanta is more than an access point to the Black Sea coast. It is a  place with a long and interesting past, attested by its many Roman ruins, historic buildings, facades and mosques that embellish the old city center. In Constanta you can explore traditional villages and zou can visit vineyards, ancient monuments and the Danube Delta, a bird-lovers paradise. The Roman Mosaic construction, the Genovese Lighthouse, the Lion’s House, the archaeological park, the National History and Archeology Museum and the Mosque are also some exciting tourist attractions.

How to get to Constanta

You can easily get to Constanta from Bucharest by car, train or by airplane.    Newly built, the A2 highway is a very reliable link between Constanta and Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and the rest of the country.

Constanta also has an airport: Mihail Kogalniceanu. It is about 26 kilometers away from the city center. Big airlines operate at the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport: here we can name Turkish Airlines and Wizz Air. Airlines like these two have flights all around the world.

Local transport

The public transport network has 21 bus routes and plenty of express routes with minibuses. The double-decker buses can be seen during summer time driving the tourists, providing access to and from the beach resorts. Also, all the big companies that offer rent-a-car services are available any time in Constanta.


Thanks to the economic boom and the increasing number of tourists, Constanta  developed many accommodation offers, such as hotels and hostels or short-term rental apartments.


Finding the right place to dine in Constanta is not difficult. The tourists can choose from an overwhelming number of pubs, restaurants, bars or clubs, many of them serving Romanian traditional dishes. In Constanta you can also find fast-food and international restaurants, many markets and hypermarkets.


Constanta has several large shopping centers and also there are plenty of places where people can buy the daily requirement.


Aside from the occasionally events in Constanta, there is always a stage performing or an art exhibition you can visit. The summer time is a great opportunity to organise beach parties and to go to summer clubs.  Besides, this city’s nightlife is very popular around the world.

Interethnic model

In Constanta you will see living in harmony people with different origins in a model recognized throughout the Europe. There are Turkish people, Tartars, Armenians, Russians, Italians, Greeks and Roma People. All the nationalities are welcome in Constanta. Thanks to the people you can have money, ideas and you can develop the city.

Financial resources

The money spent in Constanta come from the local people and tourists.

The summer has three months in a year which and it`s the busiest time of the year. The tourists are staying in town or in Mamaia, a great resort that belongs to the Constanta city. 

The Romanian and the foreign students are a temporary population in Constanta. The city is also an important university center. It has many universities and some of them are unique in Romania. Here come to study people from all around the world and the country.

The Port of Constanta with its many companies that operate in it and in close connection with it, the presence of the Mangalia Harbour owned by Daewoo from South Coreea, near the Petromidia refinery, currently owned Kaz Munai gas from Kazakhstan, and the GSP offshore drilling company are great examples of companies with thousands of Romanian and foreign limited service  employees, especially in leading positions. The owners of companies that have developing contracts in this part of Romania also have a fundamental contribution to the growth of the temporary population.

The city of Constanta has been growing for many years, therefore, many investors came here to develop new businesses from different fields, including hypermarkets, shopping centers, hotels and real estates.

For the Green-Field investments, the investors looked toward the economic   fields where the demand was higher. We are talking about a field represented by trading, such as modern shopping centers and tourism. Therefore, the accommodation spaces are double now thanks to the new hotels and hundreds of residential buildings in great locations throughout the city. By the seaside and by the lake there were built exclusive residential resorts.

All the gas station companies are available in Constanta: Rompetrol, Luk Oil, OMV, Petrom, Agip…

Of all the investments, those that have been very successful, even in times of crisis, are those who focused on quality and exclusivism, sorting its customers and managing to create real communities. For the green field investments, the investors are interested in the merchandise, tourism, real estates, hotels and the luxury segment.


The most important real estate investments in Constanta, from the northern to the southern point of the city, are:

The Pheonicia Holiday resort:

-         It has 420 apartments

-         1200 accomodation sites

-         400 parking spaces

-         A swimming pool

-         A playground


The clubbing zone:

-         15 clubs and restaurants gathered in one place, in the Mamaia resort

Mamaia Summerland

-         25 Tower blocks with at least 6 levels, consisting of 2000 living or renting apartments


The Caelia residence

-         It`s an exclusive residential complex built in Mamaia, on the Black Sea seaside. It has pools, its own beach and a superposed parking lot.


The Mamaia Lake

-         It`s an area between the lake and the boulevard with scores of hotels and residential buildings.  


The Spectrum residence

-         It`s a residential complex consisting of 5 tower blocks. All these buildings have a sea view from the balcony.


Maritimo Shopping Center

-         50 000 square meters surface

-         2 200 parking spaces


City ParkMall

-         40 000 square meters surface

-         A surface of 20 000 square meters is available for rent


Tom – shopping center

-         50 000 square meters surface

Faleza Nord – it`s a high-end residential area with Mediterranean style   villas which have a seaside view.

All the locations we mentioned above created local communities without losing their investment value. The marketable buildings appear hardly ever and when they occur, are immediately sold.


Invest in Romania, investing in Constanta! - Imaginea 1